On June 13, 2024, Mrs. Jirapa Sintunava, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Justice, arrived to host the 2nd Committee for Consideration of the Transfer of Prisoners meeting of 2024 fiscal year, as the chairman of the committee. The rest of the Committee members or their representatives, of which are consisted of the Judge Advocate General, the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court, the Chief Justice of the Central Juvenile Court, the Attorney-General, the Director-General of the Royal Thai Police, the Director-General of the Department of Corrections, the Director-General of the Treaty and Legal Department, the Director of the Penology Division of the Department of Corrections and the Director of the Treaty Division of the Treaty and Legal Department, along with the officers of Foreign Affairs Sub-division and other associated attendees also attended the meeting.

The purpose of this Committee Meeting is to carry out a procedure on determining prisoners to be transferred to their home countries, either Thai nationals incarcerated abroad or Foreign nationals of 38 countries that have treaties with Thailand providing for such transfer that are imprisoned here, based on their qualifications and other circumstances, according to the Procedure for Cooperation between States in the Execution of Penal Sentences Act, B.E 2527 (1984).

The completion of this prisoner transfer procedure will not only benefit the convenience of proposed inmates in connecting with their families through prison visit, or help them receive better treatment of being imprisoned in more familiar settings that improve their mental health, develop their mindset to rehabilitate, along other aspects. It also promotes relationship between Thailand and the associated countries in justice systems and governmental affairs.