On May 8, 2024, the Committee of the Good Health Good Heart Royal Project Foundation, led by ACM Somkid Sukbang, visited Surin Central Prison to inspect and follow up on the operation of the Good Health Good Heart Royal Project inside the prison facilities.

Surin Central Prison is located in Muang Surin District, Surin Province. It was built for inmates with sentences not exceeding 20 years. As of May 8, 2024, there are 1,590 inmates incarcerated in the prison, 43 of whom have psychological diseases, mostly from complications of drug usage. The prison employs four registered nurses, a psychologist, and 130 healthcare trustee inmates in its infirmary. Additionally, the prison collaborates with Surin Hospital to provide tuberculosis screening, HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis C tests to every newly admitted inmate. Female inmates also receive breast cancer and cervical cancer tests. Furthermore, the hospital offers basic dental check-ups once a month. Inmates testing positive for any of these diseases receive undelay treatment. The hospital and Muang Surin District Public Health Office are enlisted to test food contaminants to ensure food safety standards for inmates. Near the end of the visit, the Committee gave food bags to inmates and encourage them to do well.

In the afternoon, the Committee visited Surin Hospital, the healthcare hub admitting ill inmates from the prison. The hospital is proficient in isolating inmates from other patients, with a dedicated room for the treatment of ill inmates, known as the “ปันสุข” (share the happiness) room, which promotes safety and protects the rights of both parties.