On May 23, 2024, Mr. Charn Wachiradech, Deputy Director General of the Department of Corrections (Development), visited Thung Benja Open Correctional Institution to inaugurate the Region 2 prison performance report meeting. He was warmly welcomed by the directors of Region 2 prisons and the institution officers.

The meeting was conducted by Mr. Padet Ringrod, the Director of Chonburi Central Prison and Chief of Region 2 prisons directors. It was attended by all Region 2 prisons directors, who reported on prison performance and discussed solutions to administrative problems.

Following the report session, Mr. Charn instructed the Region 2 prisons directors on 10 new policies to address the problems and improve correctional operations.

In conclusion, Mr. Charn praised the Region 2 prison directors and officers for their years of dedicated services to the mission of the Department of Corrections. He also encouraged them to continue their mission with pride, focusing on both custodial and rehabilitative operations.