On Saturday May 20, 2023, Mr. Ayuth Sintoppant, the Director – General of Department of Corrections, presided over the opening ceremony of “DOC Games 2023” sports competitions. 4 Deputy Director-Generals, Mr. Narong Juisuey (Operation), Mr. Sitthi Sutivong (Administration), Mr. Charn Wachiradech (Development), and Ms. Chutarut Chintakanont (Dr.) (Academic), along with the Directors of prisons, correctional institutions, retention/detention centers throughout Thailand, and athletes that are very own officers of DOC that competed in various sports, attended the opening ceremony. This delightful event took place at Intree Chantarasatit Stadium, Kasetsart University.

“The Department of Corrections has hosted “DOC Games” yearly since 1987. The purposes behind these events are to strengthen relationships between officers from different factions and locations, from the DOC HQ to prisons near the country borders, connect them through friendly competitions that promote sportsmanship and discipline, improve sports skills and physical ability together with mental health, and provide another opportunity for individuals to work together as a team. The list of sports being competed included badminton, petanque, volleyball, football, tennis, golf, and tracking, etc., in the categories of singles, doubles, or mixed doubles. Athletes are all DOC officers, and they are distributed to 12 teams, comprised of regional prison/correctional Institution group teams and the DOC HQ team. The competition was scheduled to take place on 17 – 21 May. Qualifying rounds have already competed since May 17, and the final rounds will be competed in the upcoming 21 – 22 May. Every sports competition’s officiating has been carried out under international standards, endorsed by the experienced referee team from Kasetsart University, Bang Khen Campus. Other than sports competitions, a parade contest will be another highlight. The award of the best parade will be judged based on harmony, parade arrangement, and creativity. Allowing the officers to bring out their artist mode and challenge themselves on operating as large quantity group”. Said Director General.

“Other than the positives already mentioned, there’s another one I want to bring up: Work-Life Balance. This sports event helps relieve stress from arduous tasks that DOC officers generally have to face in their daily lives. This same event also serves as the other way of implementing the policy: 6 Keys Foundation, The 5th Key, which promotes DOC officers’ morale, as well as creating Work-Life Balance among them.” Mr. Ayuth concluded.