On Monday, May 1, 2566, at 2:00 p.m. The Members of the Executive committee of the Department of Corrections and the management committee of the Department of Fine Arts, including Mr. Ayuth Sintoppant, Director-General,  Mr. Sitthi Suthiwong, Deputy Director-General (Administration), Mr. Narong Juysei, Deputy Director-General (Operations), Ms. Jutarat Jintakarn, Deputy Director-General (Academic), and Mr. Pramote Thongsri, an expert in penology participated as the judges of the 5S activity competition. 

The committee visited and inspected all offices/sections of the Department of Corrections building to ensure their cleanliness. Each member of the committee will score according to the specified criteria. The office with the highest total score will receive the champion trophy of the “5S Activity Competition,” which will be presented by the Director-General of the Department of Corrections in the future.

5S is a workplace organization method that originated in Japan and is used to create and maintain a clean, organized, and efficient work environment. The five S’s refer to the five steps of the method:

  1. Sort: separate necessary items from unnecessary items and eliminate the latter
  2. Set in order: organize necessary items so they are easy to find and use
  3. Shine: clean and inspect the work area to ensure it is free of dirt, dust, and other debris
  4. Standardize: create a consistent approach to maintaining the work area
  5. Sustain: establish a culture of continuous improvement and make 5S a way of life.

The goal of 5S is to improve productivity, quality, safety, and employee satisfaction by eliminating waste, reducing errors, and making it easier to find and use tools and materials.