On May 20, 2024, at 9:30 A.M., Ms. Weerada Kongthanakulroj, the lawyer of Ms. Netiporn Sanesangkhom, also known as Bung Thaluwang, a 28-year-old political activist who was under the supervision of the Department of Corrections until her death on May 14, visited the Department of Corrections Hospital to obtain Bung’s medical records.

Later that day, at 10:00 A.M., the DOC hospital welcomed journalists to tour the facilities where Ms. Netiporn was treated, with purpose to disclose her treatment information and demonstrate transparency regarding her passing.

During her imprisonment, Ms. Netiporn was initially transferred to Thammasat University Hospital on March 8 to receive treatment for acidosis and potassium depletion, complications from her hunger strike. She was then transferred back to the DOC hospital on April 4 when her condition improved. Ms. Netiporn began eating dinner on April 13, though she still refused to take potassium chloride and other vitamins against the doctors’ advice. She continued to improve to the point where she could get up, eat, and go to the toilet by herself until May 14, when her heart suddenly stopped. The medical staff at the DOC hospital treated her to the best of their abilities and transferred her to Thammasat University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead later.