On April 27, 2023, Mr. Ayuth Sintoppant, the Director-General of Department of Corrections, and Mr. Komsan Saelee, Chief Executive Officer of Flash Express Co., Ltd., signed the contract “Nationwide Prisoner Education Support and Potential Development Project” at Klang Wiang Minor Prison of Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution. Mr. Charn Wachiradech, Deputy Director-General of Department of Corrections (Development), the Department of Corrections officers, and Flash Express Co., Ltd. executives and employees attended the ceremony.
“It is a pleasure that this cooperation happens. Flash Express Co., Ltd. is a quick transportation company that provides all-round e-commerce services that fulfill modern consumers’ lifestyle needs that evolve from offline to online purchasing. Flash Express will share the female inmates of Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institution its knowledge on operation, give some ideas to launch careers in present days, and introduce skills that make employees getting sought after, such as; adaptability, teamwork, communication, and immediate problem-solving, etc.” Said Director General.
“I appreciate Flash Express Co., Ltd.’s efforts in training our female inmates. This will be one way to strengthen their morale, guiding them through stable occupations and giving them more edges on job applications. All of which will eventually inspire them to reintegrate back into society smoothly. Other than morale, knowledge, and skills to make a living out of stable occupation, feeding themselves and their families is equally as important.” Mr. Ayuth concluded.