Due to better COVID-19 situations in Thailand, inmates visits are allowed both face to face and virtually. As of November 2021, suspension of visits is eased to promote inmates’ wellbeing and relieve family’s worries.  While virtual visits are available in most prisons, in-person visits are allowed for inmates being detained in prisons not currently affected by COVID-19.

If you are interested in face-to-face visit, see these following steps.

  1. Book the time in advance.
  2. Arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to your booking time so that safety measures (temperature checking, hands sanitizing) can be applied.
  3. Present ID / documents issued by authorities.
  4. Present official evidence of your vaccination history. This could be : 1) two doses of Sinovac/ Sinopharm for 2 weeks- 4 months. If exceeding 4 months, booster dose of AZ/Pfizer is required within 6 months. or 2) two doses of AZ 2 weeks-6 months  or 3) If you had COVID-19 before, booster dose by Viral vector/ mRNA vaccine should be given not exceeding 6 months.
  5. One inmate per one relative, excluding vulnerable people : the elderly, pregnant women, children. This is for the safety of inmates, prison staff and relatives.
  6. Inmates’ family have to stay in designated spot and kindly leave when finishing the visit.
  7. (1) Surgical mask covered by cloth face mask or  (2) KF94/N95/KN95 are needed the whole time. Drinking and eating are prohibited in the prison area.

Also, help yourself see how many prisons are ready for the in-person visit with the QR code below.

The poster shows the updated information of prisons available and soon-to-be available  as of November 2021. On 16th November, 38 prisons are available for in-person visit, 8 more prisons would be open in November and 97 prisons would be gradually available starting December 2021. The reasons numbers of prisons are still in preparation of being ready can be : currently being affected by COVID-19,  shortage of prison staff , visitation rooms being renovated.


Regarding virtual visits, Line Application is the platform used as it is the main chatting App in Thailand. Kindly contact the prison for more information.

(image credit : https://www.cffutures.org/report/national-strategic-plan/#)