On May 30, 2024, following the earlier launch of the “Ruam Jai Phak Rak Sing Wad Lom” project (Save the Environment – United Loyalty to the King Project), a governmental organizations collaborated environmental campaign, the Department of Corrections, in cooperation with Pathumwan District Office, deployed 50 inmates from Klong Prem Central Prison and Bangkok Remand Prison to dredged the sewers and drainage systems in the area of Bon Kai community. Mr. Sahakarn Petchnarin, the Director General of the DOC, and Ms. Sukvishaya Nasomsong, Director of Pathumwan District, along with several Directors and associated officers, attended the area to inspect the operation.

To implement the project and The improving quality of life in Bon Kai Community policy of Mr. Srettha Thavisin, the Prime Minister, inmates were deployed to dredge the sewers and drainage systems, and multiple officers were assigned to supervise them and carry out other tasks in the area. The DOC aims to give inmates the chance to improve their public images and demonstrate their changes for the better in form of performing public work, helping citizens of their basic infrastructure. This procedure is also a part of prisoner rehabilitation programs, to encourage to inmates to reintegrate into society smoothly, not relapsing into recommitting crimes.