On May 29, 2023, Mr. Peerapol Nuamsri, a Senior Professional level Penologist, acting as the Director of Nong Nam Khun Open Correctional Institution, welcomed Mr. Weerawuth Bamrungthai, the vice-president of Nakhon Sawan Chamber of Commerce, as a representative of the organization, who came to present the “Quality Product of Nakhon Sawan” award banner to the Institution.
This award will serve its purpose as a certification from a credible associated organization that will garner the general public’s trust in the inmates’ product of Nong Nam Khun Open Correctional Institution.
After that, Mr. Peerapol, Mr. Weerawuth, and the officers of 2 sides paid an observation visit to see the operation of Cook&Coff@Nong Nam Khun, Nong Nam Khun Barber, Pak Diew Kin Tiew Kon noodle restaurant, and Rueng Kluay Kluay shop, selling fried battered bananas. All of which are the results of the vocational training and parts of the Prisoner Pre-release Program that provides the inmates the socialization, job skills, and income they need for social reintegration.
As a conclusion of the schedule, Mr. Peerapol and Mr. Weerawuth discussed the opening of a foot massage shop as a future public service project of Nong Nam Khun Open Correctional Institution. Having a standing partnership with the Institution, Nakhon Sawan Chamber of Commerce is ready to support this incoming project.