On Friday of May 26, 2023, Mrs. Pongsawat Kaiarunsut, Permanent Secretary of Justice, and Mr. Narong Juisuey, Deputy Director-General of Department of Corrections (DOC) (Operation), along with leaders and officers affiliated with the DOC Headquarters, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) executives and a representative of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), attended Arts Performance “DOC’s Music in the park and Arts Performance” hosted by the DOC, the BMA, and the UNODC.
Mr. Narong referred to this event as an opportunity for inmates to perform their talent in arts and musical areas to the public. The DOC recruited talented and skilled working inmates from Prisons and Correctional Institutions in Bangkok and nearby provinces. The inmates are qualified under the Department of Corrections Rule on Prisoner Work Release for prisoners with talents or special skills. They will showcase and demonstrate the result of their vocational training, which plays a crucial role in the process of prison rehabilitation and reintegrating into society and not committing to reoffending as a pre-release activity. They will accompany the guests’ enjoyment throughout this event. The activities include live band performances, cultural art performances, drawing classes, and prisoner-made product displays. This event is free and open to all guests to come and enjoy the shows.
Mr. Narong expresses gratitude to the BMA and the UNODC on behalf of the DOC for their significant contribution to this event. This is an important event that shows inmates’ determination to redeem themselves. It is a chance to not only show the public their abilities which they are proud of, but also they can contribute back to the community by entertaining people who visit the park.