Samut Prakan, Thailand – To foster international cooperation and showcase their progressive approach to inmate custodial measures and rehabilitation, Samut Prakan Central Prison welcomed H.E. Thierry Mathue, the esteemed French Ambassador to Thailand, and his delegation on May 12, 2023. Led by Mr. Manop Chomcheun, the Director of Samut Prakan Central Prison, the visit aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of the prison’s operations and initiatives.

The French delegation embarked on an extensive tour of the prison, exploring key areas that play vital roles in the inmates’ lives. Among the notable stops was the Women’s Block, where the delegation observed firsthand the custodial measures explicitly implemented for female inmates. The block also has an area that emphasizes the well-being of incarcerated mothers and their newborns. This block also has cooking and baking facilities for vocational training programs.

Continuing their exploration, the delegation moved on to the Men’s Block, which caters to male and foreign inmates. Here, the visitors gained insights into the sleeping quarters and experienced the custodial measures to maintain order and security within the facility. The presence of meditation classes highlighted the prison’s commitment to promoting holistic well-being among inmates.

The delegation’s tour extended to the heart of the prison’s operations – the Prison Kitchen. Witnessing the preparing and storing of meals, the visitors commended the facility’s commitment to providing nutritious and hygienic food for the inmates. This culinary endeavor plays a significant role in ensuring the physical well-being of the incarcerated population.

Healthcare services within the prison were showcased during the visit to the Prison Infirmary. The delegation received a comprehensive overview of the medical facilities and care available to address the health needs of the inmates. This commitment to providing adequate healthcare further demonstrated the prison’s dedication to the welfare of its residents.

The tour concluded with a visit to the Education and Rehabilitation Block, where the delegation explored the prison’s library facility. The library serves as an important resource hub, offering educational materials and support for inmates. This emphasis on education and rehabilitation underlines the prison’s commitment to providing inmates with opportunities for personal growth and successful reintegration into society.

Mr. Manop Chomcheun expressed his gratitude for the French delegation’s visit, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in reforming correctional systems. He emphasized the prison’s ongoing efforts to enhance inmate rehabilitation through various programs and initiatives.

The visit by H.E. Thierry Mathue and his delegation served as an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices in correctional management. It showcased Samut Prakan Central Prison’s commitment to creating a secure, rehabilitative environment that prioritizes its inmates’ well-being and successful reintegration.