It’s APCCA season, where we can learn best practices in Corrections shared from the member countries!  The 40th Asia and Pacific Conference of Correctional Administrators or APCCA is  held  virtually on 19 – 23 September 2022. Hosting by Singapore Prison Service, the whole programmes of the conference are run in 5 days. The first four days will be the Opening Ceremony, Plenary Session and presentations with  Live Q&A on Agenda Item 1-5 namely, Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections, Managing Prison Emergencies, Providing Effective Programmes for Staff Support and Career Development, Managing the release of prisoners and engaging the community in reintegration and Best practices in meeting the needs of offenders. Additionally, the last day will be Specialist presentations regarding Criminal Justice around the world and APCCA leaders Fireside Chat, followed by the Closing Ceremony.


As you can see from the pictures, Thailand’s Department of Corrections was invited to be one of the panellists on the Plenary Session to exchange ideas and experiences Live  under the topic : Forging New Frontiers in Corrections – Technology, Partnerships and Advocacy. We concluded that strong collaboration in the community, use of technology and staff’ skills development are crucial to maintain the successful management under the crisis. Also, Thailand has given a presentation in Agenda Item 1 : Challenges and Initiatives in Corrections where we shared our proud  progress  in prison management during the past years.  Thank you all for your kind collaboration and participation!