The Department of Corrections, by Penological Operation Division, in cooperation with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Japanese Government, will hold a “Tessakarn Dontri Si Phak” (4 Region Music and Performance Event) at Chalathat Beach, Songkhla Province on Wednesday of 10 July 2024, from 07.00 – 21.00 hours.

The attendees will enjoy live music shows from multiple inmates bands who will perform different music and shows and varieties of local cuisine foods, drinks, and desserts, in courtesy of Region 9 Prisons and Correctional Institutions. All inmates involving in the music festival and product display booths are under Department of Corrections Rule on Prisoner Work Release for prisoners with talents or special skills. They will accompany the guests and attendees’ enjoyment in activities ahead, as well as the food and drink area.

The music event live streaming will be broadcasting via this website: (Thai Department of Corrections Facebook Page) at 17:00 hrs (UTC + 7:00 Thailand time) on 10 July 2024. Live from Chalathat beach, Songkhla, Thailand.