Thailand recently passed the Narcotics Bill B.E.2564 (2021), which benefits inmates convicted of drug-related offenses. This law aims to punish large-scale drug dealers rather than small-scale drug dealers, as well as to better rehabilitate drug addicts. The purpose of this law is to reconcile narcotics laws and to adjust penalties to be proportionate to the severity of the offense.


Possibly eligible inmates

: Drug-related offences

Category 1 consists of dangerous narcotics

Category 2 consists of ordinary narcotics

Category 4 consists of chemicals used for producing narcotics

Category 5 consists of narcotics which are not included in category 1 to category 4


: Psychotropic and volatile substances-related offences


The Narcotics Bill B.E.2564 (2021) will be officially enforced on 9th December 2021. It is the inmates’ wish in filing a request for a new sentence, as well as the discretion of the court in deciding whether to impose a new penalty, or to determine whether they should receive a reduction in their sentences under the new law.


On this occasion, these actions would be made by Prisons under Department of Corrections’ supervision.

  • Inform inmates regarding the enforcement date of the new law, alongside providing infographic summarizing about the law.
  • Identify inmates who may benefit from the new law
  • Assist the inmates in preparing the request by collaborating with the relevant legal authorities
  • Report to the Department of Corrections according to the form, which identifies whether the inmates wish to request